What to Bring

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Active Insurance Card (or payment in full if self-pay)
  • Co-Pay as required by your insurance plan

We also recommend that you keep a list of questions that you have for your provider. Many times patients forget to ask these questions and remember once they get home. Your smart phone is a great place to keep a list for your next visit.

What Not to Bring

  • Children – We ask that you do not bring small children with you to your appointments. Visits can be lengthy and our office space is not child friendly; they will get bored quickly. If you are pregnant and would like siblings to hear the baby’s heartbeat, please talk with a nurse or provider to determine which visit would be best to bring the family.
  • Food or Drinks – We strive to keep our office clean and comfortable for all patients. Please refrain from bringing in any drink that has the potential to spill. Bottled water is perfectly fine to bring to the office. We ask that you refrain from bringing food into the office as odors can be offensive to expecting mothers, as well those suffering from serious medical conditions.

What to Expect

Wait Time – We make every effort to schedule patients according to their reason for visit, allowing ample time with her provider. Due to the nature of our specialty, there are often times that a provider is presented with the unexpected. We can guarantee that if your provider is running behind, it’s because one or more patients needed extra time. Our providers are called upon 24 hours a day, sometimes in urgent, life threatening situations and must leave the office. Quite often, when in the office, they are discussing devastating results with a patient and her family. Please know that your patience is greatly appreciated during these times.

Check-In – Please check in with a receptionist upon arrival. Your demographic and insurance information will be verified and there may be a few forms for you to sign. We will ask for your insurance card and photo ID at every visit, as well as your co-pay if required by your insurance plan. The most time consuming portion of this process may be eliminated by registering on our Follow My Health patient portal prior to your visit.

Intake – After checking in with the receptionist, one of our medical assistants will bring you back to the clinical area to perform a patient intake. You will be asked several questions regarding your personal and family medical history. It is important to be very honest and thorough as the medical assistant uses your responses to build your medical record and prepare your chart for your visit.

Exam – Our providers are committed to providing comprehensive care at every visit. After discussing your personal history and current symptoms, your provider will determine how detailed your exam should be and if any screening or diagnostic testing should be ordered. Please note that our providers only order testing that they feel is medically necessary and therefore expect that the patient will follow through. If you are hesitant to undergo a test or have questions, please discuss with your provider during the visit.

Check Out – It is very important that you stop at our check out desk following every visit. This is where you will be given any orders, prescriptions, and educational material that your provider has generated during your visit. Most future visits can be scheduled at this time or a recall can be set to remind you when your next appointment is due.