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Choosing A Birthing Center

Our providers are on staff at Presence St. Mary’s and Riverside Medical Center hospitals in Kankakee. Both facilities offer outstanding care, beautiful birthing suites, and various childbirth preparation classes. We recommend that you tour both hospitals before making a decision and ALWAYS check with your insurance company to be sure that the hospital you choose is in your network.

Pain Relief During Labor

Our providers will work closely with your labor and delivery nurse to insure that you have the most comfortable and enjoyable birthing experience possible. There are various methods of pain management available to you. Your physician will decide the safest and most effective method for you depending on how your labor is progressing and how well the baby is tolerating labor.

Cesarean Section

Along with every pregnancy comes the possibility that the mother may not be able to deliver vaginally, thus requiring a cesarean section. Some of the most common reasons to require a cesarean section include;

    • Multiple Gestation (more than one fetus)
    • Failure to Progress in Labor – The cervix may not dilate completely which prevents the baby from entering the birth canal, or the baby may be too large.
    • Abnormal Presentation- The baby may be breech (butt or feet first), or entering the birth canal face up instead of face down.
    • Maternal Infection – This may include HIV or another sexually transmitted disease.
    • Maternal Medical Conditions – This may include diabetes, high blood pressure, or any condition that causes labor and delivery to be considered high-risk.

Please remember that there are many other reasons that your physician may decide that a cesarean section is the safest option for you and your baby.

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